Traumatic Brain Injuries & Lawsuits

Traumatic brain injuries result in not only medical losses but devastating financial losses to victims of accidents each year. Often times, these injuries result from an accident that was caused by someone other than the victim. The victim can and should protect themselves by hiring legal representation in the form of an accident attorney. Accident attorneys can seek repayment for all of the losses due to traumatic brain injuries directly with the negligent party and their insurance, or via a lawsuit on behalf of the victim.

The victim has every right to expect repayment. Without legal repercussions to the other party, the other party often will either choose not to pay, or their insurance company will minimize their repayment to the victim.

The financial burdens of testing and treatment for traumatic brain injuries are huge and often financially crippling to the victim and their family. Not only will there likely be lost wages, but often the injuries result in the patient being unable to do things that they would normally. Effects of traumatic brain injuries can include memory issues, lost or changed vision, emotional and relationship issues, changes in personality, and sometimes an inability for the person to even live independently, much less work successfully. Some other issues might include:

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Anxiety issues.
  • Depression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Loss of function of body parts or organ systems.
  • Loss of reasoning function.
  • Inability to communicate; speech difficulties.
  • Aggression, acting out, and social inappropriateness.

In addition, traumatic brain injuries predispose a victim to other issues such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other organic brain disorders. As these effects last a lifetime; shouldn’t care for the victim last that long, too?

The insurance company may try to offer an early settlement, but these settlements rarely come anywhere near suiting the needs of the victim. The insurance company and their lawyers will either minimize their responsibility, or push the blame (and financial responsibility) solely onto the victim at their most vulnerable time. The understanding is that the victim will usually be so overwhelmed, medically and financially, that they will simply accept any offer. But a personal injury lawyer can protect the victim from such shameless tactics and push, in a lawsuit or otherwise, for a suitable settlement. An appropriate settlement will not only cover past losses, but will also take in to consideration financial burdens in the future including wage compensation and future rehabilitation and treatment.

Within and outside of the courtroom and lawsuit, an experienced personal injury attorney understands the workings of insurance company and can present their case in a way that helps the insurance company eventually pay the settlement more readily and quickly.

If you or your loved one is the victim of an accident due to another which may have resulted in traumatic brain injury, you and your family deserve care and recompense. Protect yourself with a personal injury attorney who is qualified to take the claim into a lawsuit if the negligent party is reluctant to pay for losses due to the traumatic brain injury.

Complications of Accidents on a Public Bus System

Driving a public bus can be a challenge in all situations; but driving one in a hectic area like San Diego increases the challenge greatly. Car accident attorneys like these, themselves, while riding the Metropolitan Transit System, hear the propaganda that San Diego is committed to providing safe transportation to its passengers. But negligent maintenance, corner cutting and bad judgment causing accidents, still happen. When they do, the results can be devastating and complicated.

Factors Causing Injury

Injuries can be caused by a number of factors. In some cases, the driver is at fault such as when a driver makes a bad driving decision or is not paying attention. The large size of a bus also makes it difficult to see surrounding cars. Bus drivers may pull into another lane without noticing another vehicle, or turn in front of a vehicle that they hadn’t seen. In other cases, the maintenance of the bus, the fault of the bus company, causes an injury. The bus itself may not be properly maintained mechanically, or sometimes the footing in the bus isn’t proper causing a passenger to slip and fall. The belts and bars installed for passengers to grip sometimes aren’t connected well, again causing a passenger to fall.

Sometimes the injuries don’t occur to the passengers of the bus itself, but to a passenger vehicle that is hit by the bus. Injuries in all situations can range from mild to severe, everything from bruises and cuts, to internal injuries, head/neck/spine injuries, amputations, loss of sight, paralysis, or even death.

Responsibilities of the Bus Company

While bus companies have a greater responsibility towards the safety of their passengers, bus accident cases can be complicated by the question of who exactly is responsible to the victim. If you or your loved one is the victim of a bus accident or injury due to negligence by a bus company in San Diego, it is vital to consult with a qualified attorney immediately after the accident.

While the bus driver and company will have an insurance policy in place to protect passengers, they will also have attorneys in place to protect themselves. An experienced attorney will be able to stand strong on your behalf against the bus company and their lawyers to make sure that all medical needs and recompense are met promptly and thoroughly. Ehline Law Firm PC is the San Diego personal injury attorney 4445 Eastgate Mall, #200
San Diego, CA 92121 USA Phone: +619.312.6050, who makes it happen for all catastrophically injure victims.

Electricity and Humans Don’t Mix

Electricity and humans do not mix, in most situations electricity is needed at home and at work, but when the human body comes in contact with bare wires, defective appliances and workplace dangers can all cause electric shock. An electric shock can cause serious or even fatal injuries, depending on the amount of voltage and the location the skin comes in contact with the electric voltage. The result of low voltage electric shocks are burns, and often will have an entrance wound and an exit wound, from where it enters the body and where the electricity exits.

Electrocution is a Serious Type of Injury

This is a serious type of injury, even if it does not seem like there was damage done to the body other than the burn from contact with the electricity. Immediate medical care should be the first thing that is done, because there can be internal injuries and the burn on the skin can become infected without medical care. That alone can pose a dangerous threat to the person, since the risk of infection is high. In some cases with an electric shock at a high enough voltage there can be damage done to the tissues, muscles and vital organs or bones can be fractured. In the worst cases with high voltage electricity it can be deadly.

Electric Shock

Electric shock is one of the injuries that can happen at home or in the work place in San Bernardino. This is usually an injury due to a faulty appliance, dangerous workplace or utility wires that have fallen because they were not secured properly. in most cases the electric shock or electrocution is due to negligence and that means that you should have your rights or the rights of a loved one protected by an electric shock attorney. This is an attorney that has experience in these types of injuries and who will go after the negligent party to hold them accountable for your injuries or the death of a loved one. Utility companies, manufacturers and at the workplace, they are responsible for safety practices and when they do not keep people safe from suffering an electric shock or electrocution they can be held responsible for their actions or non-actions.

Electricity and humans don’t mix and the best way to hold the negligent party responsible is with the representation of the San Bernardino attorney with experience in representing clients and family’s that have suffered electric shock or electrocution.

Motorcycle Accidents Number in the Thousands Annually

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – Motorcycle accidents number in the thousands annually, even though there are more and more motorcycle riders on the roads. Vehicle drivers should be competent driving on the same roadways, this is not always the case. There are motorcycle accidents where the driver swears they did not see the rider until the collision. Then there are driver’s that decide since the motorcycle is small and does not take all of the space in a lane they do not need to observe the same courtesy they would for another vehicle. This is especially dangerous for the motorcycle rider that is in traffic with this driver. Drivers also think that motorcycles do not need the same amount of stopping room as other vehicles and that is just not true according to most accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm.

Different Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are other types of motorcycle accidents of which intersections are dangerous for the motorcycle rider, making turns the motorcycle can be in the drivers blind spot and some drivers think a motorcycle rider is going to go faster and so it means they don’t have to really stop at the stop sign. Many drivers are under the impression that the motorcycle rider is a thrill seeker and therefore can maneuver around the driver.

These are reasons why motorcycle accidents number in the thousands annually and fatalities are a part of these statistics. These motorcycle accidents happen across the country and Hawthorne, California is no different, because there are drivers on the freeways that do not give the motorcycle rider the same courtesy they would another car on the freeway.

When a motorcycle rider is injured in an accident they are subject to far more critical injuries than the driver in a vehicle. The rider has a helmet for protection and when the motorcycle is hit the rider is thrown to the pavement, there are no airbags, seatbelt or metal cage to protect them like the driver of a vehicle.

What Can a Hawthorne Motorcycle Accident Victim Do?

The one way the Hawthorne motorcycle accident victim can get their message across to this type of driver is after an accident to have their rights protected by an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. This is an attorney that will investigate the accident and hold the driver and their insurance company responsible for the negligence of the driver for the injuries caused to the motorcycle rider and the damages to their bike.  If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the motorcycle attorney at Ehline Law Firm. 633 W. 5th St. #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071; 213.596.9642.

Car Accident Injuries Can Lead to Devastating Disabilities

Below is a great article we republished below with permission. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm shares with us some of the devastating effects of car crash and motor vehicle collisions. This is precisely the type of personal injury that requires Prolotherapy in our opinion.

Car Accident Injuries Lead to Devastating Disabilities

Car accident injuries can lead to devastating disabilities, which is why it is important after an accident to have the representation of a car accident lawyer that has experience. There many different facets to a car accident and this can be daunting to the average person, but for the experienced car accident attorney it is their profession to deal with laws, defendant’s attorneys and the court system.

Car accident injuries can lead to devastating disabilities in a car accident occurs in Los Angeles; where traffic is often congested and the freeways have driver’s going over the speed limit. The injuries that can occur in a car accident can include traumatic head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, scratches and other abrasions. These injuries can mean hospitalization, surgery, therapy and in some cases the injuries are so severe that will be a lifelong disability. The car accident injury victim could be faced with not being able to work while they heal or permanently and could also be faced with requiring daily care just to do simple things.

The Los Angeles Car Accident

The sad part about the Los Angeles car accident when it involves severe injuries is the negligent driver’s insurance company will not want to pay compensation. This is why it is important to be represented by an experienced car accident injury attorney; because they can aggressively deal with the insurance company that does not want to provide compensation in a fair amount. The insurance company will have attorneys and representatives that will do everything in their power to avoid paying compensation.

For most car accident victims it is hard for them to comprehend the insurance companies do not want to pay when there has been damage to the vehicle and injuries to the person involved in the accident. Most drivers assume paying their insurance is a way that covers another person’s injuries, if they’re involved in an accident. But, the truth is the insurance companies unless forced in a legal claim by an experienced car accident injury attorney will not offer fair settlement.

After a car crash, Los Angeles car accident victim that is severely injured needs time to heal without the stress that financial complications the accident can cause. When represented by an attorney that specializes in car accidents this stress can be alleviated, because they will take on the insurance company of the negligent driver. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or other injury. Contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney now at 213.596.9642.

More on Prolotherapy Research and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This post is sort of a footnote, conclusion or afterthought to the previous Prolotherapy related article: The body for the most part, responds by its natural process of inflammation and repair. To me personally, this makes Prolotherapy related tratments all the more compelling overall. Impressively, inflammation and release of growth factor in the area of the injury can result in a powerful thirty to forty percent strengthening of the attachment points, the article adds, strong scientific evidence support…..

Many Doctors Don’t Know What Prolotherapy is

I still find it surprising that so many physicians out there do not seem to know much about proltherapy as well as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which can be so very powerful. All in all, I predect in the future that Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy will take on a much bigger role than it now occupies and will become substantially more broadly known than it is now.
The treatment may be recommended for recurrent swelling or fullness involving a joint or muscular region, or popping, clicking, grinding, or catching sensations with movement, recurrent headache, face pain, jaw pain, ear pain, as well as other conditions.

A Cochrane review of the medical literature as of January 2004, reports Wikipedia, was quoted as stating the aformentioned facts. Some may ask, what about shoulder surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or prolotherapy? Rehabilitation and physical therapy following shoulder surgery depends on each case. It is contingent upon how the damage was repaired, the age of the patient, and other factors.

Rehab exercises are introduced in phases and run from passive range of motion exercises, active-assisted range of motion, full passive motion, and so forth to full functional strengthening exercises. This usual encompasses a 4-phase graduated program over the course of about 3 months.

Prolotherapy; pain relief for more than a century

This is an interesting treatment that puts me in mind of the process by which oysters secrete nacre to cover an irritant, such as sand grit, resulting in the creation of pearls. Similarly, this process seems to generate the growth of human tissue.

Coping With Pain for Medical Patients

In the late 1800’s, solutions that were not drugs, but were actually irritants, were injected to treat hernias. Later, jaw pain was treated with similar injections. George S. Hackett developed the technique of prolotherapy (proliferation therapy) in the 1940s, and was gratified with the results; over 99 percent of his patients improved. All in all, it may surprise you to know that many doctors are as yet unfamiliar with this treatment, not to mention Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as well. Alright back to the main point here:

Gustav Hemwall

Gustav Hemwall continued working with the therapy from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Prolotherapy works by introducing a solution that is actually an irritant to an area such as ankles, knees, elbows, and the sacroiliac joint located in the lower back. The body responds by healing and building up tissue that strengthens the area and provides relief.

The Mayo Clinic has been using the technique since 2005. Wikipedia reports that Robert D. Sheeler, MD (Medical Editor, Mayo Clinic Health letter) learned about prolotherapy through C. Everett Koop’s interest in it.

Wikipedia also reports that the Mayo Clinic has been reported as saying that “unlike corticosteroid injections — which may provide temporary relief — prolotherapy involves improving the injected tissue by stimulating tissue growth.” Incidentially there is more information about these and other prolotherapy treatments on the Acosap medical and Health news blog as well.

It’s fascinating the substances that are actually used in the injections, such as dextrose, lidocaine (a local anesthetic), phenol, glycerine, or cod liver oil (or commonly known as sugar water) extract, also according to Wikipedia. Furthermore, Wikipedia for it’s part notes that the solution is injected into joint capsules or where tendon connects to.

Patients will often have various feelings including

• Fear
• Anxiety
• Confusion
• Hopelessness
• Sadness
• Loss of control
Dealing with Depression when you are on dialysis for the kidneys is also difficult. You can go here for more information about Dialysis Lawsuit attorneys and injury related legal firms in Orange County OC southern California down in the golden state.
Often patients will feel as though they are a huge burden to their loved ones which only deepens the depression. A person with kidney disease can fight depression by releasing their emotions instead of keeping them inside. Some tips for dealing with depression in patients with kidney disease and dialysis treatments include:

• Talk to a close friend or family to share how you feel
• Attempt to feel the feelings instead of ignoring them
• Pay attention to the moment instead of the past or future
• Engage in a regular exercise routine to feel better
• Speak with a therapist or counselor when it becomes too much to deal with
• Consider medication such as antidepressants for some forms of depression

By making a committed effort to combat the depression, you can feel stronger and be more capable of dealing with the daily struggles of coping with kidney disease. If you have a loved one that is suffering from kidney disease and depression then seek counseling to help them cope with the condition and their dialysis treatment. If they have suffered dialysis injury in any way during treatment then contact a dialysis injury attorney for help with your case.

Dialysis treatments can be rough on a patient’s physical and mental state. Many individuals who suffer from end stage renal failure will often experience some form of depression. Many patients become depressed because they feel that their lives are doomed since there is no cure. Often they are unable to do the things that they enjoy and their lives become disrupted.
There are treatment options such as kidney dialysis which can prolong an individual’s life but still carries major risks and inconveniences for the patient as well as family members. Many of these patients will experience depression as a result of their illness.